Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreamworlds, by Sut Jhally

Dreamworlds 3 deals with more of the same vibe we saw in the previous lecture, Tough Guise. Here's another angle to the tail wagging the dog metaphor that the media dangles for our consumption. Disclaimer here, I don't watch this stuff, mostly because I'm not into music, as a result I don't find a lot of appeal in videos. My entire iTunes library across 15 years' worth of collected hard drives is right around 10 or 11 gigs. I know, pathetic. My mother in law has more music in her ipod. I don't own an ipod, just my kids and wife. Sad, huh.
But still, and back to the point the media shapes our culture, much like language speaks us, and we not it, necessarily. Particularly effective is the visual forms of media, like these music videos that are glimpsed in Sut Jhally's piece.

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