Sunday, April 12, 2009

Culture Jamming, Sexploitation, & other sundry topics of this week...

It would be dishonest, I think, to say I've never felt like putting a mustache on a face on a billboard, if conveniently located. I thought about ads like these, that are just fabulous examples of co opting an advertising campaign to awaken the masses. Other times, people will take their anger out on signs, leaving their commentary on the content displayed.
The attempts to 'fight back' are puny, but they have an effect.

Sex sells very well. And images like this one are a little misleading. On its face, the ad uses sex to push a product. But of all the companies that do use this approach to advertising, American Apparel uses unretouched photographs, puts workers ahead of pure profits and cares about the immigration status of said workers. I don't think they have a conscience. But what if they did, would it matter that they are only partially ethical in their practices?, I mean, the girl in the pic doesn't look too terribly exploited, does she?
Checking out the site in question, the photography used throughout is on a realist vibe, clearly meant to make the viewer feel like it's pictures of their friends, facebook-solo style. I totally didn't know that disco pants were back, and I challenge my fashion forward classmates (cough-Trisha-cough) to get a pair...
So the mistery lies right there. What to do about those retailers that have what looks like a conscience, but exploit women. Yet they pay their workers more, and hire and keep their manufacturing in Los Angeles, CA not Armpit, Vietnam. Read here about them

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