Monday, April 6, 2009

Title IX recap...

So my group presented on Friday and our topic was women in the media. My part, presented in tandem with Andrew, was Title IX, a cryptically named piece of legislation that has lots of applications in everyday life.
For some of us that are involved in the field of education, I am through my wife, who is a HS teacher, some of you are employees at the school, others just students, we all have a specific relationship to Title IX in that it provides redress when other legal recourses are not able to do so. For example a student raped by a football player, told that there'd be no school punishment for the rapist, found that Title IX applied to her case and that the school was liable by "exacerbating the damage". The decision, S.S. v. Alexander is intended to send the message that a school needs to treat sex abuse complaints with utmost due diligence, certainly not put it below image considerations. The case is not exactly a no-brainer either. But the female involved found that the local police would not prosecute, making her treatment by the school more egregious.

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  1. That was an interesting discussion. I didn't realize that Title IX had to deal with more than just college athletics. Interesting to see what all it entitles to.